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Fine Art Photography by
Alessandra Silvaberg

You are invited to the first exhibition of my art collection


at Art San Diego 2023 

"BOOTH 725"

I am blessed to see beauty through my camera. Through its lens I see the essence, heart and soul of my subjects. I embrace my gift of capturing these precious moments to share with the world.

My interest in photography started at a very early age. 

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I have attended workshops, conferences, and courses in NYC, Florida, Brazil and California. The skills acquired there only serve to enhance the intimate self-taught nature of my work.

My spiritual journey keeps me centered, sensitive, and strongly connected to human beings, animals, and nature and I have always felt passionate about photographing the beauty I see everywhere and in everyone.

My vision is to use art photography to empower, inspire, uplift, and connect people without concern of race, color, sexual orientation and gender.

I am grateful for my gift of translating relationships and life experiences, and the emotions that are part of those, into images that will be cherished forever and to capture a piece of nature in its majesty, bringing the presence of the wholeness into the artwork.


Welcome to my website and make yourself comfortable. Thank you!!


"Very happy with Ale's creativity & really impressed with the quality of the photos & professional service." 

“I'm totally amazed by the way she sees the details that make every single shot a piece of art. Thanks, Ale!!! ♥” 

- Lina, Facebook 01/12/2018


"Capturing life  with the eyes of the heart."


How can I help you?

Every photoshoot is a new world of connection. Please contact me if you have any question.

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